Welcome to Sunrise Capital Private Limited, TREC Holder of Pakistan Stock Exchange Ltd


We are providing following services to our valuable clients

• Portfolio Management.
• Equity Brokerage service.
• Equity Research.
• Portfolio advisor
• Online Trading
• Availability of Relationship Manger.
• Service at your door step.
• Customer service by Phone & Email.

Portfolio Management
SRC has a team of experts who carefully take investment decisions based on the clients’ objectives. The Portfolio Management team has a successful track record of more than 20 years in the capital market. The team has access to SRC strong Equity Research, and Fundamental & Technical Analysis.

To generate medium to long-term capital growth (3-4 years) by identifying undervalued stocks and those with growth opportunities from a select list of well researched stocks. The fund will invest in stocks that have a sound track record, quality management, earnings and growth potentials and strong fundamentals.

Equity Brokerage Service
SRC is a relationship oriented broker, provide efficient order execution at competitive pricing with in depth research reports. Being the country’s emerging brokerage house sunrise capital is committed to full the investment return need of the investor in timely and responsible manner.

Equity Research
In-depth and insightful research is the backbone of our services to investment professionals and the investing public. We work hard in training our research analysts to identify potential investment ideas and strategies that enables our investor clients to achieve above average returns from the capital markets.

SRC Online Trading
SRC is proud to offer SRC Online Trading, a web based online trading platform, fully customized to execute equity trading strategies efficiently. SRC has made stock trading user-friendly, fast, transparent and secure. You can place your order online from anywhere at any time. Real-time execution and confirmation on your trades can be monitored through your online trading account. With the support of our enhanced trading tools and world class service that is backed up by the research team and experienced equity advisors, you can take the best possible investment decision and execute it with ease.

Online Services include:
• Advance Trading & execution platform.
• Direct access to KATS (trading Portal for Pakistan Stock Exchange).
• Efficient Execution Services.
• Lowest Commission Structure.
• Offer of Rebate.
• Multi Channel Order Placement.
• Online Funds Transfer Facility.
• Free Access to Research.
• Free Investor Training / Education Program.
• We strive to provide the best price, the best service and the best technology.