TRG 30.91   -0.98     FCCL 37.97   0.28     DGKC 153.54   1.23     PAEL 66.46   -1.12     MLCF 81.29   1.02     JSCL 19.6   -0.76     BOP 8.65   -0.01     SNGP 22.51   -0.51     KEL 7.19   -0.11     PPL 115.83   1.57     ENGRO 275.87   1.7     OGDC 105.24   -0.91     PIBTL 28.34   -0.56     HUBC 102.72   0.5     SSGC 37.25   -0.79     FATIMA 41.67   0.02     CHCC 97.03   4.62     POL 226.69   -10.98     PIOC 91.12   1.05     EFERT 83.9   -0.8     NML 95.11   -1.76     ISL 23.75   0.25     SEARL 437.24   -4.09     MARI 669.43   -32.77     ATRL 204.67   1.56     PTC 15.63   -0.18     GATM 39.05   0.11     FFC 115.48   -0.87     FFBL 50.29   0.05     AICL 57.15   -0.2     

Sunrise Capital Private Limited is a privately owned independent company established recently in July 2009 to provide professional intelligence and financial advice from its head office in Karachi..

At the core, Sunrise Capital is a team of highly accomplished financial professionals with a range of skills and qualifications which enable us to advise confidently and competently on most aspects of portfolio management and associated financial planning issues including specialist areas.

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Welcome to your Brokerage House. We at Sunrise Capital provide access to professional investing for a wide range of clients including financial institutions, corporate, Asset managers and individuals. Our ambition is to guide and benefit our clients in defining, interpreting and executing their decisions in order to capitalize on market opportunities. We foster a strong relationship with our clients based trust, flexibility and efficiency in meeting all their changing demands.






With the blessings of ALLAH we have started capital financial support business with the name Sunrise Capital Pvt Ltd, recently. We are aimed to take our business to the peak of it by providing the best of our financial services to the clients along with the friendly atmosphere to our employees.